How to run a Remote Desktop Server (RDP) and a Domain server in one

Just because you can, it is still not recommended

The full article is in the works, lets on know in the comments field if we should hurry.

The quick cheat sheet for success is the following steps

  • Install the domain server on bare metal, and set it up
  • Install the Hyper-V role on the domain server
  • Install a new 2012 server in Hyper-V, which will run your RDP Licensing server
  • Install RDP licensing role to the virtual 2012 server
    Also install all RDP gateway services that you need:
    • Remote desktop Gateway
    • Remote desktop proxy
    • This is also a nice place to put VPN, etc.

For a little bit of security, you can strip the domain server of everything else, GUI, applications, etc.

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